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(Shown in the Church Hall after Sunday Lunch @ approximately )


January 6th, 2008 – Christmas Eve – no film scheduled

January 13th, 2008HVPC School Christmas event- no film scheduled

January 20, 2008:

Pskov – Pechersky Monastery: Пскоф-Печерский Монастырь


Аm insightful narration by Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov,( the Abbot of the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow.) This 534 year old monastery, 200 miles south of St. Petersburg and close to the Estonian border was founded in 1473 by St. Jonah (Shesnik). Archimandrite Tikhon films and tells a most humbling story about the monks inhabiting this holy place. The monastic chronicle relates that the Most Pure Virgin herself chose this site in the valley of the Kamenets spring and has protected the abode ever since. Even during the Soviet era of religious persecution and atrocities, the monastery remained open. Running time: 46 min. (RUSSIAN)

January 27, 2008:

The Story of the Twelve Apostles

A revealing look at the group of poor tradesmen, handpicked by Jesus to carry out the most preposterous assignment ever given - to take his message to the whole world. But what happened to them after Jesus ascended? The film follows the lives of the twelve and shows how they went against incredible odds into all parts of the world. We learn of their unusual powers and of their extraordinary courage to face savage persecution. Most of them paid for their faith with their lives. Here is their inspiring story! Running Time:


-February 3, 2008-

Saint Alexei Bortsourmanskii: Святой праведный Алексий Бортсурманский.

Description: Life of a pious 19th Century Russian priest in the Bortsourmanski Region. St Serafim of Sarov, his contemporary, referred to the pious man of God as “…without ascetic vows, his spirituality was above any monk…he is like a shining star in the Christian heaven”. He   was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in year 2000. Running time: 45 min. (RUSSIAN)

-February 10, 2008-

Great Church of Russia: Christ the Savior Cathedral

This documentary portrays the original construction and destruction, and then the 1990's (filmed in 1997) reconstruction and consecration of Russia's most famous church. It shows the blessing of the new Cathedral by Patriarch Alexei, excerpts from the liturgy, the blessing of the new bells etc. Running Time: 53:00.  (ENGLISH)

-February 17, 2008-

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee – 1st Pre-Gt. Lenten Sunday

Miracle and Faith – Чудо/Вера.


A scientific and spellbinding documentary film about miraculous events occurring in the Russian Orthodox Church in recent years. The film depicts myrrh streaming icons; self-renewing icons and miraculous healings. Commentaries by Professor P. Florensky and Father Deacon Kouraiev present spiritual explanations to these occurrences. Running time: 45 minutes (RUSSIAN)

-February 24, 2008-

Sunday of the Prodigal Son – 2nd Pre-Gt. Lenten Sunday

The Ancient Church

Description: The film traces the beginnings of the Orthodox Church from Pentecost. It looks at the historical events that led to the Great Schism (1054), the Protestant Reformation and the survival of the Orthodox Church over the past 2000 years. Running time: 22 minutes (ENGLISH)

Orthodox Christianity: The Fullness of Faith

Description: A brief journey through an ancient and timeless tradition. A superb introduction to the Orthodox Church. The film highlights scenes from the liturgy and Holy Week, offering an overview of church history along with inspirational interviews with clergy and laypeople. Running time: 24 minutes (ENGLISH)

-March 2nd, 2008-

Meat fare Sunday – 3rd pre-Gt. Lenten Sunday

Saint Martyr Elizabeth (Fedorovna Romanova).


The video presents an account of the life and martyrdom of the highly-venerated New Martyr, Grand Duchess St. Elizabeth Fedorovna Romanova (1864-1918), within the historical context of the last years of Imperial Russia, and Russia’s disintegration at the hands of traitors and terrorists. The video utilizes numerous archival photos of the new saint and of the Romanov imperial family, and considerable archival film footage. You will see a portrayal of her childhood in Germany, her place in the imperial family (as the sister of Tsar Nicholas II’s wife, Alexandra, and wife of the Tsar’s uncle). You will see St. Elizabeth's life in Russia, including her devotion to St. Seraphim of Sarov—she and the Romanov family participated in his glorification in 1903. The assassination of her husband by terrorist revolutionaries in 1905 significantly changed her, and several years later she became the founding abbess of the Mary and Martha Women’s Monastery in Moscow, founded through the sale of her own possessions. Now she could fully give herself to charitable work, which, since childhood, she had always longed to do. Thus she dedicated herself and the sisterhood to: visiting, nursing, feeding and teaching the poor; teaching and caring for poor children and orphans; and nursing and caring for the wounded during World War I. Running time: 54 minutes (RUSSIAN)

March 9th, 2008 – Forgiveness Sunday – no film scheduled

March 16th, 2008 – 1st Sunday of Great Lent-Triumph of Orthodoxy - no film scheduled

-March 23, 2008-

2nd Sunday of Great Lent – St Gregory of Palamas

Upon this Rock: Protestants embrace (and convert) to the Orthodox Faith.

Description: Focuses on the journey of sixteen (16) people who have recently come home to the Orthodox Faith. The film shows how they react and eventually accept the Orthodox teachings concerning the icons, Liturgical worship, Theotokos, Sola Scriptura, and Tradition. This is an affirmation to all Orthodox of one’s faith. It is a very moving documentary. Running time: 97 minutes (ENGLISH).

-March 30, 2008-

Cross Veneration – 3rd week of Great Lent

Pochaev Monastery- Почаевски Монастырь


A first record of the monastery in Pochayiv dates back to 1527,  although a local tradition claims that it was established three centuries earlier, during the Mongol invasion by several runaway monks, either from the Kiev Monastery of the Caves or from Mount Athos. The legend has it that the Theotokos appeared to the monks in the shape of a column of fire, leaving her footprint in the rock she stood upon. This imprint came to be revered by the local population and brethren for the curative, medicinal properties of the water that issued from it. Its standing was further augmented in 1597, when a noble lady, Anna Hojska, presented to the monastery her extensive lands and a miracle-working Icon of the Theotokos. This image, traditionally known as Our Lady of Pochayiv, had been given to Anna by a passer-by Greek bishop, and helped to cure her brother from blindness. In 1604, the monastic community was joined by Ivan Zalizo, a well-known champion of Orthodoxy and vocal critic of the Union of Brest. Formerly associated with the printing house of Prince Ostrogski, Zalizo established a press in Pochayiv, which supplied all of Galicia and Volhynia with theological literature. The press continued to function until 1924, when it was taken to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. Changing his name to Job and elected the monastery's abbot (Igumen), Zalizo introduced strict discipline and other reforms of monastic life. He died on 10/25/1651and was glorified as a saint soon thereafter. Running time :1hr (RUSSIAN)

-April 6, 2008-

4th Sunday of Great Lent – St. John Climacus

Mount Athos: A Thousand Years Are as One Day

Description: A sensitive study of one of the twenty great monasteries of Mount Athos, a thousand year old monastic republic in N. Greece - the famous Holy Mountain of the Orthodox Church. A detailed picture of life in the 900 year old monastery of Simonos Petra. Running Time: 1: Hour (ENGLISH)








(Shown in the Church Hall after Sunday Lunch @ approximately )

-April 13, 2008-

5th Sunday of Great Lent – St. Mary of Egypt

Orthodox Holy Shrine – “Holy Mount Athos – Russian St. Panteliemon Monastery.”

Православные святыни – “Святая гора Афон – Русский Свято-Пантелеймонов Монастырь”. Уникальны видеосьемки тех мест, где подвизались великие русские святые – Антоний Печерский, Иил Сорский, Силуан Афонский. Возможность увидеть Пасхальное торжество в русском монастыре на Святой Горе Афонской. Бережно хранят Церковное предание что сюда к берегам Афона, принесли морские волны корабль с Пречистою Матерью Господа во время одного Ее путешествий. Здесь Богородица благовестила евангельское учение и обратила населявших это место язичников в христианство. С тех пор Святая Гора Афон стала первым земным уделом Божей Матери, особенно любимым и опекаемым Ею местом на земле.

An unique film of the region were great Russian Holy Fathers lived – Anthony Pechersky, Iil Sorsky and Silouan of Athos. Witness Easter celebration in the Russian Monastery on the Holy Mountain of Athos. With great reverence and faith, believers adhere to the Holy Church tradition that to the shores of Athos, the ocean waves brought the ship carrying the Holy Mother of God. Here the Theotokos taught the Holy Gospel and converted the dwelling pagans to Christianity. From that time on, the Holy Mount of Athos became the first Holy reverent place to the Holy Mother of God. Running time: 70 minutes. (RUSSIAN).










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