Boutique a la Russe

Once again we are having our Boutique this year- please open the Boutique a la Russe Page to have the details

Newsletter - Omophor

Omophor Newsletter - May 2017 issue posted


May/June Service schedule posted

Sacrament of Unction

On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 4:00 PM His Grace Bishop Nicholas will officiate the Sacrament of the Holy UNction at the Parish of the Holy Virgin Protection Orthodox Church in Nyack, NY.

church schedule

April Church Schedule posted.

The Miraculous Mother of God Icon arrives

We are blessed with the arrival of the Kursk Icon to our Parish on Saturday, March 25th starting at 9AM Russian School when a short moleben will be served. A general Moleben (Thanksgiving) will be served on Sunday Liturgy on March 26th, 2017.

01/10/17Newsletter - Omophor section added -

Newsletter - Omophor section added with current issue


Service schedule through February 18, 2017 is posted.

12/20/16Announcement -

View videos (short) and complete transmission of the Divine Liturgy celebrated on His Holiness Patriarch Kiril's 70th Birthday in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral. Our father Ignatius was present at the celebration (see video at 33min:22 seconds) and co-served with the Patriarch, Metropolitans, Archbishops, Bishops and priests on this historic occasion!

In the complete transmission, you will hear very instructive russian and english commentaries on the Orthodox Catechism, historical facts and administrative issues. It is worth, I think to listen to them for edification.

10/30/16Announcement -Raising of the Cross onto the main Cupola
10/16/16Feast Day -Pokrov 10/14/16 -

Photos and brief commentary have been posted in the "Church Feast Day" Section.

04/27/16Service Schedule -

Month of April updated- sorry for being late!! Management

10/10/15Announcement -

His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion will officiate the Divine Liturgy on our Parish Feast Day, Wednesday October 14, 2015.

07/24/15Announcement -

Pontfical Liturgy scheduled for August 2, 2015.


07/04/15Photo Gallery -

Fifteen Photos (15) depicting the guilding, blessing and raising of the Golden Cupola and Cross atop the Church over 54 years ago!


07/04/15Announcement -

Parish Feast Day 10/14/15, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion will officiate the Divine Liturgy

07/02/15Announcement -

During Vigil and Divine Liturgy on July 3/4, 2015, commemorating St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the Saint's Bishop staff will be in the Holy Temple.


05/31/15Service Schedule -

schedule updated through August 9, 2015


05/19/15Announcement -

On May 3, 2015, Mitred Archpriest George Larin retired and becomes Rector Emeritus of the Parish.  Archpriest Elias Gorsky is appointed by His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion as our new Rector.


04/30/15Announcement -

Sisterhood Rummage sale is being planned for the month of June!!

04/30/15Announcement -

May 3, 2015: Pontifical Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Nicholas officiating. At 1:00 PM Parish Annual General Meeting will be held.


04/09/15Service Schedule -

Service Schedule has been updated through the week of May 31st, 2015.


04/03/15Announement -

No services on St. Thomas Sunday - Our clergy will serve Divine Liturgy at Novo Diveevo!


03/26/15Announcement -

Sisterhood Kulichi Sale (orders) is on!


03/25/15Announcement -

Update on Father George's recovery

03/14/15Announcement -

Status of Father G. Larin's recovery

03/14/15Announcement -

Extreme Unction Service scheduled.


03/14/15Announcement -

Pontifical Liturgy scheduled for April 26th- Myrrh-Bearing Women Sunday.

02/23/15Service Schedule -

Schedule updated through GOOD FRIDAY, April 10, 2015!

02/23/15Announcement -

Sacrament of Holy Unction by His Grace Bishop Nicholas is scheduled for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 4PM.


02/09/15Announcement -

His Grace Bishop Jerome to celebrate Divine Liturgy in our Church on 2/15/15

02/05/15Announcement -

Nyack Maslenitsa- Blini Banquet Invitation and information is posted.


02/05/15Announcement -

Rummage Sale is planned- see the Announcement Section for details


01/26/15Service Schedule -

Schedule updated through March 1, 2015- "TRIUMPH OF ORTHODOXY SUNDAY"


12/28/14Announcement -

January 11, 2015, His Grace Vicar Bishop Nicholas will officiate the Divine Liturgy in Nyack and will attend the Nyack Parish School Christmas Pageant.

12/04/14Service Schedule -

Service Schedule updated to January 18, 2015.


12/01/14Obituary -

The list as been updated.


11/25/14Announcement -

Russian Boutique story and photos posted.

10/30/14Our Bookstore -

New Church items have arrived and now are on sale at our Parish store. Please see the photos displayed in the "Our Bookstore" Sections.


10/16/14Photo Gallery -

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia article on the award of the second cross to Mitred Archpriest George Larin and slide show of forty three (43) photographs of the Church Feast Day has been posted.


10/01/14Boutique a la Russe -

Dates and times of this year's Holiday Boutique a la Russe has been posted.


09/29/14Service Schedule -

Service Listing update through December 4, 2014.


09/29/14Hymn and Scripture readings -

Troparia, Kondakia, Epistle and Gospel Readings for October 5, 2014 have been posted.


09/14/14Hymn and Scripture Readings -

A new section has been added to our website! This section will have the Troparia, Kondakia hymns for the upcoming Feast Day. It will also include the Epistle and Scripture passages for that Feast Day. It is suggested that you refer to this section before the upcoming Sunday or major Orthodox Feast Day to read the hymns, epistle and scriptural readings. This will help you to get a better understanding of the upcoming Service. You may copy the section and have a hard copy on you to follow. If you do make a hard copy, please dispose of it reverently.

08/27/14Announcement -

His Grace Vicar Bishop Nicholas will celebrate the Divine Liturgy on Parish's Feast Day, Protection of the Holy Theotokos - Wednesday October 14, 2014.


08/23/14Photo Gallery: Slideshow -

Photos taken during the Pontifical Liturgy with His Grace Bishop Jerome on August 17, 2014 have been posted.

08/19/14Service Schedule -

Our Parish Service Schedule has been updated through September 28th, 2014.


08/16/14Announcement -

His Grace Bishop Jerome will officiate the Divine Liturgy on August 17, 2014. Meeting His Grace is scheduled for 9:30 AM.

06/09/14Service Schedule -

Schedule updated through July 27th, 2014.


05/26/14RussianFest 2014 -

RussianFest 2014

05/07/14Announcement -

Appelate Court of New York upheld August 22, 2012 Supreme Court of New York ruling and dismissed O. Rodzianko's complaint. The full legal document is printed in the Announcement Section.


05/06/14photo Gallery -

Myrrh Bearing Women Sunday- Parish Sisterhood Feast Day is commemorated with a Pontifical Liturgy


04/14/14Announcement -

Kulichi sale is ongoing in the Church hall


04/14/14Announcement -

Information on the Breaking of the Fast (Rozgovlenie) in the Church Hall on April 20th has been posted


04/14/14Announcement -

A Pontifical Liturgy will be celebrated on May 4th, 2014- Myrrh Bearing Women Sunday - the Patronal Feast Day of the Parish Sisterhood.

04/14/14Service Schedule -

Update Service Schedule through 6/1/14 is posted.


04/06/14Service Schedule -

Schedule updated through Holy Friday-April 18, 2014.


04/05/14Announcement -

Information on the upcoming Holy Unction Service is posted.


02/11/14Announcement -

Announcement on the death of Nikolai Alexeevich Lopuchin is posted- Memory Eternal!


02/11/14Service Schedule -

Listing of Services through March 23, 2014 has been posted


01/16/14Announcement -

Website Statistics posted and analyzed. A request for articles, photos and other website items for posting.

01/16/14Photo Gallery -

Bright Monday Crucession photos with commentary have been posted.

01/02/14Service Schedule -

The service schedule has been updated through February 9th, 2014.

12/15/13Announcement -

Her Imperial Highness visits our Parish.

12/09/13Announcement -

Celebration and a milestone in our Parish. Go to the Announcement section and read all about it!

12/06/13Service Schedule -

St. Catherine Feast Day Divine Liturgy will begin at 7 AM and not at 8:30AM as originally posted.

12/06/13Photo Gallery -

Slideshow of photos taken at our last Russian Boutique on November 23, 24 2013 have been posted.

11/15/13announcement -

Description of the fourth lecture by Reader Andrew is posted.

11/14/13Russian Boutique a la Russe -

Date, time and place of the Annual Boutique has been posted again - but now in the Russian Boutique a la Russe Section. Initial posting of the upcoming event was done on September 28, 2013 in the Announcement Section. Please come, visit and enjoy Russian fare, music and folk dancing.

11/07/13Announcement -

Description of the third lecture by Reader Andrew is posted.

10/29/13Announcement -

Description of the second lecture by Reader Andrew is posted.

10/20/13Photo Gallery -

Photos and Vursta family delicious meal underscored!

10/20/13Announcement -

Sisterhood meeting held.

10/20/13Announcement -

Reader Andrew to present a talk on October 27, 2013...

10/15/13Photo Gallery -

Photos (Slide Show) of the Church's Feast Day have been posted. One slide show depicts the Divine Liturgy officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion. a Second set of photos has been added showing the parishioners, friends and clergy enjoying the the banquet prepared by the Parish Sisterhood.

10/13/13Service Schedule -

Service Schedule has been updated through December 15, 2013.

09/28/13Announcement -

The upcoming Russian Boutique event is described.

09/28/13Announcement -

Sunday Lunches to begin on October 20th, 2013.

08/31/13Service Schedule -

Updates of Service Schedule through October 2013 have been posted.

08/31/13Announcement -

Information on our upcoming Church's Feast day - Intercession of the Holy Theotokos, has been posted.

08/13/13Service Schedule -

Service Schedule hase been updated through December 15, 2013.

04/27/13Service Schedule -

On Thomas Sunday, there will not be a Divine Liturgy in the Nyack Temple.  On that day, at 9:30 AM, the parishioners are urged to attend the Pontifical Liturgy at the Novo Diveevo Convent. His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion will officiate. 

04/21/13Service Schedule -

Schedule has been updated through the month of June.

04/05/13Announcement -

An update on the Icon Restoration Project has been posted.

04/05/13Announcement -

On May 19th, His Grace Bishop Jerome will officiate the Divine Liturgy...

04/02/13Photo Gallery -

Just added several photos showing the restoration of the Icon murals of our Church. Ms. Ekaterina Piskareva has been been hired by the Rector and the Parish Council to restore the half century old murals of the Holy Temple. The photos were taken in October of 2012.

03/22/13Announcement -

Annual Parish Meeting information is posted.

03/22/13Announcement -

Information on the Sacrament of Holy Unction Service has been posted. 

03/22/13Service Schedule -

Listing of Services has been updated through Holy Week.

02/14/13Announcement -

The Parish is preparing for its Annual Blini Banquet to be held on March 15, 2013. New and younger management have taken over in arranging the Gala affair! Go to the Area page to get all the details you need to get tickets for this memorable affair. Thank you for your support!

01/18/13Service Schedule -

Service schedule has been updated for the months of January, February and March 2013.

11/17/12Photo Gallery - 31 photos of the 2012 Russian Boutique have been posted.
11/14/12Announcement - A new spruced-up look of our Church Hall foyer - see photos and writeup.
11/14/12Announcement - See Alex Vursta Jr. wonderful photos of our parish
10/19/12Announcement - Pokrov 2012 write up and 44 photos have been posted.
10/11/12Announcement - Slideshow of photos taken during the recently held conference of MP and ROCOR Clergy in our Parish.
09/16/12Announcement - A Pontifical liturgy will be celebrated on Our Feast day - the Protection of the Holy Virgin -October 14th, 2012. His Grace, Vicar Bishop George of Mayfield will officiate.
08/23/12Service schedule for August and September 2012 - Updates Service schedule has been posted  
08/23/12Announcement - Read the highlights of the NYS Supreme Court's decision concerning Rodzianko's lawsuit.
08/23/12Announcement - Read ex- New York City Mayor Koch's thoughts on the imprisonment of the "Pussy Riot" women.
08/23/12Announcement - A BIG THANK YOU!!!!
08/23/12Announcements - Read an excellent Article written by a well recognized and prolific writer, Frederica Mathewes-Green concerning the incarceration of the women in Russia for the protests in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. This article was copied from "Arts, Orthodoxy, the Culture." dated: 8/22/12.
04/26/12Announcement - Lawsuit -Summons served on the Parish by Mr. Oleg M. Rodzianko. Issuance of a support letter by Archpriest Victor Potapov.
04/09/12Photo Gallery - Office of the Holy Unction was officiated in our Parish on Palm Sunday - April 8, 2012. Bishop Jerome officiated the Service. A photo gallery has been posted.
04/01/12Announcement - The Sisterhood will hold its Annual Rummage Sale in the Church hall on May 3-5, 2012.
03/20/12Interior of the Church -   24 Icon frescoes pictured on the vaulted ceiling in the Church are shown in detail and accompanied by the life of the depicted Saint.
03/20/12interior of the Church - Icon images and a brief outline of their saintly lives of six Russian Clerical saints have been included in this section after the 24 icon frescoes.  Take the time to read their history.
03/13/12Announcement - Highlights of the recently held Parish Annual Meeting have been posted.
03/12/12Administration - Administration changes have been posted - reflecting the Annual meeting election of the new Warden of the Parish.
03/12/12Announcement - Sacrament of Holy Unction by Vicar Bishop Jerome of Manhattan will be offered on Palm Sunday, April 8th, 2012 at 4:00PM.
02/01/12Announcement - Annual Maslenitsa - Blini Invitation has been posted. Order tickets early! Limited seating and deadline for ticket sales is February 19, 2012. No tickets are sold at the door.
01/08/12Photo Gallery - Slide show of the Divine Liturgy celebrated on the Feast Day of the Nativity has been posted.
01/07/12Photo Gallery - Pictures of the Great Compline and Matins of the Feast of the Nativity have been posted
11/28/11Service Schedule - Service schedule has been updated through Sunday, January 22, 2012,
11/23/11Holiday Boutique a la Russe - A Russian Festival: 11/19-20/2011 - A slideshow of 63 pictures have been posted - enjoy!
11/09/11Announcement - Writeup and a slideshow has been posted on the November 5th Memorial Event of the 40th Anniversary of the Repose of Father Seraphim Slobodskoy
11/04/11Announcement - His Holiness
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia Sends a Greeting to the
Participants of the Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Death
of Protopriest Seraphim Slobodskoy
11/03/11Announcement - Upcoming Holiday Boutique a la Russe - A Russian Festival is posted!
10/26/11Photo Gallery - West Point Cadets visit Parish! A write- up and photos have been posted.
10/25/11Parish Feast day - Write up and photos of Parish 2011 Feast day has been posted
08/08/11Articles - Explanation of the Major Feast Days for the Month of August and September have been posted.
3- Beheading of St. John the Baptist.
4-Nativity of the Theotokos
5-Elevation of the Cross.
08/07/11Announcement - His Grace, Vicar Bishop of Manhattan, Bishop Jerome will officiate the Divine Liturgy on the Parish's Feast day, October 14 2011, The Feast of the Protection of the Holy Virgin.
Also, On November 5, 2011, Bishop Jerome will officiate the Divine Liturgy of Saint James, commemorating the 40th year of Repose of Archpriest Serafim Slobodskoy.
04/14/11Articles - The section has been updated, re-structured and streamlined for ease of article retrieval. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to prepare yourself for the Sacrament of Confession. Also included in this section are detailed explanations of the Orthodox Services: Vigil, Divine Liturgy; the great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete; the special Paschal Service and other Services. Also included are Liturgical terminologies.
04/13/11Announcement - Read Saint John of Shanghai and San Fransisco's instructions to the Altar Servers.
04/10/11Announcement - The Sacrament of Holy Unction is scheduled for next Sunday, April 17, 2011. Please see details in the Announcement Section
04/06/11Bookstore - There are new items for sale in our Church bookstore- beautiful gold/enameled crosses and wooden Pascha molds.
03/10/11Announcements - Pictorial posting of Bishop Jerome reading the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete
03/10/11Announcement - Photos are attached of Father George Larin and Father Ilya Gorsky reading the Great Canon during the great Compline on the 1st day of Great Lent.
03/10/11Announcement - Photos of the Forgiveness Sunday Vespers are posted.
03/10/11Announcement - Pictures of the 3/6/11 Blini in the Church Hall have been posted.
03/08/11Blini/Maslenitsa Banquet - write up and slide show of 103 photos have been posted of the 3/4/2011 Maslenitsa Banquet held at the Russian Federation Consulate in New York City
03/05/11announcement - Parish events announcements are posted.
02/23/11Announcements - The Bulletin Board has been completed today by the placement of the long awaited Icon of the Theotokos with the Protection veil
02/23/11Announcements and Blini Banquet - Invitation has been posted to a Maslenitsa Banquet on March 6th after Sunday Services in the Church Hall. For details, refer to the flyers posted in both Areas!
02/10/11Obituary - Obituary listing by date has been updated. Also the listing has been sorted by month of repose.
02/03/11Major Feast of the Month - Icon and essay on the Feast of Meeting of the Lord (Sretenie) has been posted.
02/03/11Major saints of the Month - The lives of Saint Simeon "BogoPriimets", Saint Anna-Prophetess and Archbishop Nikolai of Japan have been posted.
02/02/11Announcement - Details on the upcoming Parish Maslenitsa-Blini has been posted. A ticket order card has been posted for your use.
02/02/11Blini/Maslenitsa Banquet - Information on the upcoming Maslenitsa Banquet has been posted. A ticket order card is available to copy and use for ordering tickets.
01/15/11Photo Gallery - 30 Photos of Metropolitan Laurus as a riassaphore to Metropolitan - Eternal Memory beloved Vladyka!
01/15/11Church Interior and Grounds - Depiction of Icon Murals and the life of the Saint represented will be posted in sections.
12/06/10Announcement - The preliminary 2010 website statistics are published. Our website is being viewed by more countries than ever before! We had several hits from unusual countries such Mongolia, Iran and Iraq!
12/01/10Boutique a la Russe - Photos have been posted of our recently held successful Boutique. Enjoy 
11/10/10Annoucement - "Holiday Boutique a la Russe" will be held once again on Saturday, November 20 (10AM-6PM) and on Sunday, November 21 (11:30AM -7PM) in the Church Hall.
11/09/10Photo Gallery - Taken from S.R. Lopoukhine slides, are photos of the re-gilding of the church cupola in the summer of 1976. Some of the parishioners are seen on these photos...
10/16/10Church's Feast Day - Photos and essay of our Church Feast Day have been posted.
10/13/10Photo Gallery - New categories-Russian Bazaar and Blini have been formed for ease of perusal.
06/17/10Announcement - We have added a link to "Ancient Faith Radio". This is an internet based radio broadcast of Orthodox hymnology, homilies and Orthodox related topics. It is spiritually uplifting and nurturing.
02/14/10Photo Gallery - A slideshow of 40 photos of the Nyack 2010 Blini event has been posted.
02/14/10Article - An essay on the Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete as well as a biography of the Saint. Also available in this article are PDF down loads of the Great Canon readings for the 1st week of Great Lent.
01/22/10Announcements - Website comparison statistics have been posted - our website is viewed by twice as many web surfers!
11/29/09Photo Gallery - A write up and a slide show of 40 photos of the 11/21-22/09 Russian Boutique is featured.
11/14/09Hall rental information - A new page category has been added titled "Hall rental information". The objective is to advertise our Parish assets that could be used to raise funds for the Church. Any one of you may be helpers in renting our Hall by spreading the news of our Hall and its amenities as described in this section!
11/11/09Announcement - A reminder about the Russian Boutique Event and a wonderful write up of this event in the Nyack Periodical-"Riverfront".
11/10/09Announcement - Photos and article written describing Metropolitan Hilarion's visit to the Parish School as well as Mr. Peter Fekula's discussion on Church music.
10/29/09Announcement - Patriarch Kirill planning to visit the US- read the article.
10/19/09Parish School - On October 31st, The Parish School will have a special event that everyone is invited to participate. His Eminence the Metropolitan Hilarion will visit the school in the morning and have a Q&A with the students and share a meal with all attending. In the afternoon a talk by noted Choir Conductor, Mr. Peter A. Fekula will be given followed by a children choir reherseal
10/15/09Announcement - Pictures depicting the Parish's Feast day have been posted-enjoy!
10/15/09Announcement - Bishop Jerome celebrates Nyack's Parish Feast day once again!
10/12/09Announcement - Announcing that His Grace Bishop Jerome will  officiate the All Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy for the Feast Day of Holy Virgin Protection on October 13th and 14th. Bishop George will be unable to attend due to illness. Please pray for Bishop George's speedy recovery!
10/09/09Articles - Articles written by Saint John of Kronstadt and Bishop Alexander (Mileant) have been added on the Sacrament of Confession.
09/22/09Photo Gallery - Photos depicting the September 21st visit of the Holy Myrrh Streaming Icon of the Theotokos- "Softening of Evil Hearts" to the Nyack parish are posted.
09/12/09Bookstore - New Product added to the Bookstore: Votive Candles for your home lampadas.
05/07/09Photo Gallery -

His Grace, Bishop Jerome, Vicar Bishop of Manhattan serves Divine Liturgy on Sunday of Myrrh Bearing Women in Nyack, NY

05/07/09Articles - Brief explanation of Paschal Service structure, symbolism and meaning has been added.
05/06/09Photo Gallery - Father George Larin celebrates his Namesday - May 6th, 2009.
04/14/09Photo Gallery - Photos have been put on the web depicting the Sacrament of Holy Unction held in our Parish on Palm Sunday, April 12th, 2009.
02/09/09Articles - Interesting articles recently published in "Interfax-Religion" and Moscow Times concerning Patriarch Kirill's vision for a great Russia and his plans for the Russian Orthodox Church in terms of the dialogue with the Catholic Church.
01/15/09Announcement - Total 2008 Website statistics have been tabulated: Number of unique visitors; visits; pages viewed; hits and top 24 countries that viewed our site.
01/01/09Articles - Article on Confession has been added - insightful!
01/01/09Photo Gallery - Description and slideshow depicting the Russian Festival/Boutique is available for viewing. Kudos to the Sisterhood and all the helpers - especially to the young generations! ENJOY.

Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Church
38 South Mill Street
Nyack, NY 10960